Special Edition Strength Sport Pro Cap - Red/White/Blue

Special Edition Strength Sport Pro Cap - Red/White/Blue

  • Snapback
  • Breathable Mesh Back
  • Soft Inner Lining
  • Firm Build
  • Richardson Name Branded
  • Structured
  • Pre-Curved Strong Bill

“Yo, these are SICK! This is the coolest hat I've ever had! Wearin' it for 'merica!”

This Product's Story

These Special Edition Hats are made for all the Gym Soldiers our there! Those that are always fighting the battle for progress. Those that are going to War against their brutal training and strict diets. The Soldiers that stand for the Freedom to make Gainz and have the Courage to take on the brutality of Hardcore Training! We are Proud to provide you with this Special Edition Hat, and support you on your Journey for STRENGTH!

We believe in helping others grow STRONGER in every way. We see those that have the talent, but the wrong mindset; or those that have the drive, but not the right skill set to move forward. Whichever these two you may be, know that it all starts and ends with your mind. Your mind is STRONGER than your body. Your mind leads the way to greater achievement and strength. Improve your mind, and everything else will fall into place!

Wear this hat as a daily reminder to always stay focused towards your goals and to make your mind STRONGER!

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65/35 Polyester/Cotton Mix Front

100% Polyester Mesh Back


A very professional look and feel with a soft inner layer. Nicely formed and firm structure to maintain shape after multiple uses. This hat is great for wearing daily and during rigorous workouts!
Polyester and Cotton mix twill front panels and visor. Athletic Style Mesh Back for Breathability. Pre-Formed ProCrown with buckram-fused front panels and ProStitching.  Pre-curved PE visor with eight rows of stitching.

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