12-Week Deadlift Program + Technique Guide - STRENGTH WORLD
12-Week Deadlift Program + Technique Guide - Strength World
12-Week Deadlift Program + Technique Guide - Strength World

12-Week Deadlift Program + Technique Guide

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The Ultimate Guide To Maximizing Your Deadlift Strength!

Are you tired of always deadlifting the same weight, making little to no progress?

Do you wish you could finally break through those stubborn strength plateaus and get back to setting NEW Deadlift PRs?

And do you also want to learn how to master both your conventional and sumo deadlift technique so you can lift the maximum amount of weight your body is capable of?

Then this all-in-one 12-Week Deadlift Program and Master Technique Guide is just what you need to reach your full deadlifting potential!

Start from any strength level and set a NEW Max every 12-weeks!

This book includes a unique 12-Week Deadlift Program that is proven to give you results over-and-over again! Plus, an in-depth Technique Guide like non-other—for both Sumo and Conventional styles!

A "must-have" guide for those that want to learn how to deadlift heavy weight properly! First, learn how to perfect your form and correct any weaknesses (even that nagging hip and back pain)! Then use the 12-Week Program to keep the gains coming!

So, if you want to:

  • Perfect Your Deadlift Technique
  • Maximize Your Strength Gain
  • and Crush Personal Records

Then get this guide today, and get ready to SKYROCKET your deadlift strength in a matter of weeks!

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12-Week Deadlift Program Details:

First, you don’t need special supplements, crazy overload techniques, or piles of food to increase your Deadlift. All you need is the proper lifting technique, workouts, and strength program to guide you towards your goals! And this complete Deadlift Program and Technique Guide gives you just that!

With just 2 Deadlift Workouts per week, you will make incredible gains! Plus, learn how to train your weak points with all the best accessory exercises!

All of your sets, reps, and exercises are already programmed for you based on your current 1 Rep Max (with room for adjustment as needed).

So, whether you are a total beginner or an advanced powerlifter, this strength program will take your Deadlift to the next level in a matter of weeks!

Plus, this program works for men, women, and teens!

Get yours today and go from a 200, 300, 400 or 500-pound deadlift to a 600+ lb pull in no time!

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Squats are used as an accessory exercise to the deadlift but are not the focus of this powerlifting program. However, one day per week they are trained first to maintain adequate volume and strength to support your deadlift.

Upper body, or bench press, workouts are not programmed and can be trained as normal. Or, get our 12-Week Bench Press Program to pair with this program!

This Deadlift Program does not promise that you will achieve a 600+ lb deadlift in just 12-weeks. But we do guarantee that, if you put in the work, your deadlift will go up over-and-over again until you reach your full deadlifting potential! Whether that is 600+lbs or not is up to you!

How To Deadlift 600 Technique Guide Details:

This one-of-a-kind How To Deadlift Technique Guide gives you all the tools you need to Deadlift more weight than ever!

  • Deadlifting Principles
  • Breathing and Bracing Techniques
  • Grip Training
  • Detailed Conventional and Sumo Deadlift Technique (with Full-Color Pictures from multiple angles)
  • Deadlift Technique Checklist
  • Common Form Mistakes and How To Correct Them
  • Cure Your Hip and Back Pain
  • Deadlift Variations
  • Top Accessory Exercises
  • How To Max Out for Maximum Gain
  • Complete 12-Week Strength Program
  • Deadlift Workouts
  • Tips and Tricks
  • and so much more packed into this nearly 100-page How To Deadlift Master Technique Guide!

Get this guide today to start building your best deadlift ever!

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12-Week Deadlift Program FAQ’s

Q: Is this for Sumo Lifters too?

A: YES! This Deadlift Book covers both Sumo and Conventional Deadlifting styles in full-detail! And the Deadlift Program has been proven to work well for both!

Q: Is this Deadlift Book for beginners?

A: Yes, absolutely! This book starts off by teaching you proper deadlift technique in a simple and easy to understand way. And the best time to learn how to lift properly is right from the start!

Also, the deadlift program is based on your current strength. So, whether you are a total beginner or have been lifting for years, the program works so that anyone can do it.

Q: What about advanced lifters?

A: Of course! We've been sent countless emails from high-level and experienced lifters that learned something new they never noticed or thought of before! And it helped them tremendously, even after all these years.

The fact is, there's always more to learn and everyone can benefit from improving their deadlift technique, eliminating weaknesses, and building strength! Even if you've been at it for years.

Q: Is this Deadlift Book for women too?

A: YES! We know of several women who have tried this Deadlift Program and had great success; both in strength and appearance! Remember, you are only limited by your efforts. It may take a little bit longer for women to build strength, but if you put in the work, you can go as far as you want.

Q: I'm 40+ years old. Can I do this Deadlift Program?

A: ABSOLUTELY! It's never too late to start getting stronger! Plus, you can start at any level and progress at your own pace. The only thing that will hold you back, is you!

We've actually had men in their 40's and 50's do this Deadlift Program with great success! They feel stronger than ever and actually learned some new things too!

Plus, this program is great for naturally boosting testosterone production!

Q: Does this book promise I will achieve a 600 lb Deadlift in 12-Weeks?

A: No. This Deadlift Program does not promise that you will achieve a 600+ lb deadlift in just 12-weeks. But we do guarantee that, if you put in the work, your deadlift will go up over-and-over again until you reach your full deadlifting potential! Whether that is 600+ lbs or not is up to you!

Q: How much of an increase can I expect in 12-Weeks?

A: Well, to start, we've had numerous people email us after their very first workout saying that their lift went up 20-50 lbs just by improving their technique! And their technique wasn't that bad to start! But just by adjusting a few things, the lift "felt so much easier" to them.

Overall, most people have told us of 40-120 lb increases within the 12-weeks. We are yet to hear of anyone that has achieved less than 25 lbs. And he was a VERY experienced lifter who had stalled at 550 lbs for 2 years. Then did the program and finished with a "pretty easy 575" pull!

- Beginners can expect a 10%+ increase.

- Experienced lifters can expect a ~5-10% increase.

Q: What do I do after the 12-Week Deadlift Program?

A: Start again (or try another awesome Mathias Method Program)! This Deadlift Program is set up to where you can continuously do it over-and-over again without risking overloading yourself with a ton of heavy weights. This is because we start with a few weeks of volume training to help you increase your work capacity. Then gradually work into more intense work.

However, most people like to take 1-4 weeks between program cycles to work on other things, before getting back to the real work. But it's up to you.

Q: What should I do for my other workouts (chest, shoulders, legs, arms, etc.)?

A: The Deadlift Workouts include exercises for legs, back, biceps, and core. Upper body, or bench press, workouts are not programmed and can be trained as normal. Or, get our 12-Week Bench Press Program to pair with this program!

Q: Will this help me build muscle too?

A: YES! Strength is the base for building muscle! And this program has a lot of volume to help you put on size (if desired). Plus, we only use the most effective muscle and strength building exercises for all areas of the program! So, this program has everything you need to build muscle—if that is your goal.

Q: Do I need to take any supplements for this program?

A: Nope! You don't need to take any supplements or other substances to make this Deadlift Program effective. Just make sure you get enough good sleep and recover well and you're set. We talk more about this in the book.

Q: What equipment do I need for this Deadlift Program?

A: You don't need any fancy equipment to do this Deadlift Program. Just your basics; squat rack, barbell, plates, and dumbbells. Plus, every exercise has a replacement that you can do with a barbell and plates if needed.

Q: What if I don't know how to do one of the exercises?

A: Every exercise listed has a dedicated "How-To" page linked to our other site (MathiasMethod.com) to explain in full detail how to do them correctly. As well as the main muscles being worked and purpose.

Q: How long do the deadlift workouts take?

A: Usually 1-2 hours, depending on how long your breaks are between sets.

Q: What do the deadlift workouts entail?

1) Warm-Up - Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up and a few Bodyweight Exercises.

2) Technique Work - 3 quick sets to make sure the movement is feeling good and your form is on point.

3) Main Lift (deadlifts) - The main lift for the day where the most strength is built.

4) Accessory Work - Extra Leg, Back, Biceps, and Core Exercises to add volume and build strength in all areas.

5) Conditioning (optional) - Any form of cardio or conditioning work to improve your fitness and burn more calories if desired

6) Mobility Work - Mobility Stretching Exercises to help with recovery and improve flexibility.

Q: Isn't deadlifting bad for your back?

A: No, deadlifting and lifting heavy weights is not bad for your back. Being weak, inactive, and lifting incorrectly is. That is why this book starts off by teaching you how to lift correctly, so you won't ever have back problems. In fact, we teach you how to fix any joint pain you already have and strengthen your joints to avoid further problems in the future.

Q: Won't lifting heavy make me stiff and slow?

A: No, it will actually make you more flexible and faster! This is because we focus on proper, full-range movement, after a thorough warm-up; which includes dynamic stretching. It is only those who skip their mobility work before and after training that will be stiff, no matter their strength.

Also, strength is one of the main components to speed! Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell said it best, "You can't lift heavy weights slow." Now, of course, you will be faster deadlifting 100 lbs versus 500 lbs, but the difference is if you try to move slowly with 100 lbs you will be okay. However, if you try to move slowly with 500 lbs, it's going to crush you. You have to put your full force into a heavy deadlift in order to lift it. If you try to move slow, it's not going to go well for you. So, just by getting stronger, you will get that much faster.

Q: Will this Deadlift Program help me jump higher?

A: Yes! We actually include plyometric box jumps as part of your warm-up because it is one of the best ways to prepare for a big lift! So, as your deadlift strength goes up, so will your box jump! Get our free Jump Higher Guide today!

Q: What does RAW mean?

A: RAW, in powerlifting terms, means without assistive gear like lifting suits, wraps, or anything that assists with lifting the weight. This does not include lifting belts, wrist wraps or sleeves, because these pieces of equipment promote the safety of the lifter, without doing the lift for you.

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Paperback Book Details

Title: How To Deadlift 600 lbs. RAW: 12 Week Deadlift Program and Technique Guide
Series: How To Lift More Weight Series - Book 3
Length: 94 pages
Author: Ryan J. Mathias
Published by: Mathias Method on December 3, 2018
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1790584868
ISBN-13: 978-1790584864
Cover Size: 6" x 9" inches
Weight: 6.9 ounces

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