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Affiliate Program

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Save when you buy! Earn when you sell!

Do you want an easy way to make some extra cash? + SAVE 30% with every order!

How does $100, $300 or $500+ every month sound?!

Then join our Affiliate Program for extra savings and start earning money by promoting sales!

There’s NO LIMIT to how much you can make!

After signing up, you will create your own 15% OFF Discount code that you can use anytime, and promote to others, and the 15% that they/you save, we will give to you as earnings!

You can even encourage others to join our program using your code as savings for them, and earnings for you! 

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Hurry! Sign-up today and it's half price!


You must sign up for a (FREE) PayPal Account if you do not already have one, and use your PayPal email address to sign up as an affiliate, in order to get paid. We use PayPal because it is a FREE, secure, and easy way to send you your monthly earnings without complications.

Why do I have to pay to join the program?

1 - That is how we get you into our system and obtain your email so that you can get paid.

2 - This program, unlike others, costs to join because we only want those that are serious and professional. We accept almost everyone, but this helps us avoid just giving out discount codes to anyone that asks, and helps to motivate those that join to make their first sales.

**Don’t worry, if you are not accepted we will refund you immediately.

When you think of it, the price of this program is nothing compared to how much you can make in just a few sales!

Plus, if you earn over $100 within the first 90 days of joining our Affiliate Program, we will give you back the money you spent to join as an added bonus, and increase your sales discount and commission to 20%!

After Your Sign-Up

After signing up we will send you the details of the program along with our tips and trick for success that you can use for any affiliate program you do, ever!

We will teach you what others like you have done to create amazing success, and how you can make some real money, fast!

So do you want to make some extra cash you can spend on the things your paycheck won't cover, or do you have another job you already love doing to get back too? 

What’s it gonna be?


Contact us with any questions.


By joining our Affiliate Program, you are stating that you knowingly agree to our Affiliate Program’s Terms and Conditions.


Products are normally shipped out within 24 hours on week days.

Weekends may take up to 48 hours to be sent.

Shipping Cost:

Shipping costs are based on order/package weight, and set by USPS.


Normally takes 1-3 Business Days.

Some orders may take up to 5 days if shipped to the East Coast (USA).

Digital items have no shipping or tax costs, and delivery is immediate.